No Need For Complications: Kohler K-560-VS Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

I see you’re looking for the next best faucet brand on the market. Well, don’t worry. I know what kind of situation you’re in. I’ve been wasting hours on end looking at faucets in the shopping mall asking for what feature it has.

Yeah, it’s kind of fun. However, it can be a bit complicated to take. Not to mention it’s time-consuming on the buyer’s end. As my special treat, I decided to take it upon myself and do an in-depth research.

Kitchen Faucets

Let me tell you a bit about straight spout faucets. These are often compact, but that’s not what makes it popular. Its inexpensive price takes away the cake. However, it comes with a condition.

You have to do a bit of moving in order to get the right fit. You can check out the best faucet brands to help you. Also, you may want to take a time to look around the website for kitchen faucet reviews as well.

Moving on, we have gooseneck models. These things have higher clearances. As always, with everything going up, it must have a downside. In this case, it can give you a bit of splashing experience. This is especially the case if your sink is shallow.

I don’t want to force you on a particular style. But if there’s anything you need to take to consider, its head should be able to swing just enough to reach out the entire thing.

Kohler K-560-VS Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Let’s get it down with Kohler. You might already be familiar with what it can do as it has been in the industry for years. This is quite expensive. However, it’s definitely worth every penny.

You may get it either with oil rubbed bronze or polished chrome. It wouldn’t be a complete package without its vibrant stainless.

Kitchen Faucets

Here’s another thing to get a load off, its 1 and 3 installations are being supported. Hey, you can even enjoy its escutcheon. It works a great deal as it keeps everything organized and maintained.

The design, all I can say, is being planned well. Thanks to its high arching design, there’s more space for you to control. Honestly, I think it’s on the terms of being in balance between height and room.

Unlike most of the faucets I’ve encountered before, this comes in with a full 360 degree movement. Also, it carries a unique way of shifting the water’s temperature. All I can say that it comes in with a simple yet awesome aesthetics.

While it’s true that it comes in with a single lever, but it doesn’t complicate things. You only have two options – up or down. Just go down a bit more if you want hot water.

Closing Everything Together

It’s significant if you consider your sink to be wide. In addition, the right proportion is the key. I mean, we know we’re bound to the looks. It can look odd if you partner a large sink to a small faucet, right?

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